How to Sell Feet Pics on Craigslist?

The most advantageous marketplace is the American platform, where you can display your products or job advertisements and attract potential buyers. How to Sell Feet Pics on Craigslist? When you’re interested in generating income by selling pictures of your feet. You can create ads and allow interested audiences to reach out and purchase your foot images.

What is Craigslist? 

This Craigslist channel isn’t designed for selling images but for advertisement posting. These advertisements are of various categories, from household to automobile accessories can be posted on this online platform. It lets you publish your ads free of cost, and a few product ads are paid in some exclusive regions. Usually, this platform is entirely safe, convenient, user-friendly, and cost-free. 

However, we suggest promoting your Craigslist feet page on other social platforms. You must stay protected from potential scammers. It’s because when you post an ad, people searching for feet pics must reach on your ad. You need to note which customer is productive for your post and who is fading your post. However, you can target your local market according to your post category.

What is Craigslist? 

Can I sell my feet images on Craigslist?

Obviously, yes, you can earn money by selling feet pictures to your target audience on Craigslist. Though regarding this, you need to create a seller account there first. It enables you to showcase your attractive and cute foot images. When your account is set up, upload appealing and beautiful pictures of your feet. So when a potential buyer expresses interest in purchasing your feet images, share your details and receive payment for the photos.

Remember, when you’re intended to sell your feet images, you must initiate your advertisement as early as possible.

Before you inaugurate your selling process, ensure that you are officially fulfilling Craigslist’s basic requirements. It’s important to remind that Craigslist doesn’t oversee the transaction process. Therefore, you must avoid sharing irrelevant images or with those individuals who may not intend to pay. 

Can I sell my feet images on Craigslist?

Maximum money generates from Feet Image selling on Craigslist.

Generating money from selling your foot images can be quite lucrative on Craigslist. Hence, if you’re a beginner here, then your income may start from around $50. Afterward, when you learn its effective strategy, it can increase to $100 within a few months. 

Once you’re committed to your business, you may manage to earn $300 after seven months. There is potential for even higher earnings if you follow the logical way to sell your images. Eventually, your preferred image price is the most effective thing for increasing to decreasing your sales.

Requirements to sell Feet Photos

  • Craigslist Account: First, you need to understand how Craigslist works. Though at least two weeks, you must understand its algorithm, which is quite straightforward. Hence, you must create your account and improve your business ideas before your first sale.
  • Select your Payment Option: You are proficient in updating your PayPal, TransferWise, mobile wallet, Cash App etc. Usually, the PayPal payment way is used, and you can also utilize your preferred one-way.
  • Your Smartphone: Suppose you’re doing your business on a laptop; this approach is convenient. Still, your smartphone can make your business easy to handle. Though for your official foot image-selling process, you must start your journey via smartphone involvement.
  • Feet Pics: Your sellable thing is your foot photo. Thus, you should capture your foot photos professionally. Your brand will grow according to your beatifying scenery.
  • Camera: For professional photoshoots, you must achieve your target at affordable prices. Instead of hiring any professional photographer, you may initiate your journey with a decent and reasonable camera ($50 – $150 price range). It can capture high-quality and finer photos of your foot.
  • Internet speed: Although this platform is working online and you have to depend on your internet availability. 
  • Social Accounts: If you want to grow your business on Craigslist, you must create your account on other search engines, Quora, Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook etc. These platforms are free to use and attract more audiences. 
Requirements to sell Feet Photos

How to Sell Feet Pics on Craigslist?

We’re disclosing the excellent process for selling the foot images on Craigslist. Hence, following this process, you can enhance your earning at your beginning stage as well: 

Open Craigslist Account

Here, you make your account for your trusted experience. Then ensure that your mentioned country is applicable to sell on Craigslist. If your region has no official access, you should go for VPN access. Now you will start your business by staying anonymous or showing your real identity. You must start selling your foot images from real identity per our recommendations. It would attract more customers and boost your brand’s trust.

Prepare Feet Image

Alluring, intimate, and captivating feet images are essential for selling on Craigslist. Meanwhile, face pictures aren’t necessary, and adding a watermark can prevent from theft. You must perform occasional manual searches to detect unauthorized use and mention violations to the hosting provider.

It’s a renowned advertising site where most postings are free (certain categories like real estate and jobs may require a $3 fee). Fortunately, posting a feet image is entirely free. Setting a low or reasonable price, you can sell your maximum products of foot images. Meanwhile, this selling is not expensive and more beneficial for small business holders and beginners.

Communication with Buyer

It’s more beneficial to have a conversation with your potential buyers to understand their reasons for needing your feet images. Though, you may provide your phone call access for more authentication. You need to stay genuine, answer questions, and share your reasons for selling feet images on Craigslist to build trust.


Ultimately, when your order is confirmed, you need to choose your preferred payment method on Craigslist. Your personal cash, mobile transfer, or any other. Afterward, you may confirm your order because an in-person meeting is not more important. Nowadays, people prefer their online business plans.

Sell Foot Photo on Craigslist

Quick view (Short procedure)

  • Open our official homepage on Craigslist
  • Press the option ‘Post to Classify.’
  • Select your category
  • Category closer to your product (foot image)
  • Fill in the section of the advertisement to sell your foot photo;
  • Add your name
  • Post body (description)
  • Email address of phone contact
  • Recheck your ad post and publish
  • Communicate with buyers and sell.

Tips to enhance your Feet photo sell to $500 on Craigslist

  • Ad optimization
  • Image quality
  • Social promotion
  • Watermarking 
  • Cheap images rates


Which Foot photos are widely accepted on Craigslist?

These images may vary according to weather or demands, but passionate and creative images are essential. You need to utilize the props, including nail polish, high heels, jewelry and stockings, to enhance the appeal of your photos.
So, there are some popular poses include;
1) One foot atop another
2) Stockings
3) Standing on toes
4) Foot with flowers
5) High heels
6) Feet with jewelry
7) Dipped in honey or others

Which amount can I charge from my feet image sell?

There’s no fixed amount to sell feet images on Craigslist; that’s why it may vary. Being a new seller, starting around $5, can attract more buyers and referrals. Be open to negotiating with buyers, especially for the first time.


Craigslist, an excellent place with a vast user base, offers free access to sell feet images. However, be cautious of scammers and avoid sugar daddy traps to stay safe. Hence, you have learned the appropriate way to sell your images. For your best selling, you can also diversify your Craigslist sales on other accounts. Ultimately, your kind behavior toward your customers may exceed your selling rate.

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